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Every year thousands of children are placed into foster care either temporarily or permanently. Oftentimes these children are removed from biological parents because of neglect or abuse. Unfortunately, this history also sometimes makes them targets for further abuse from predators. When a child enters foster care, the county has an obligation to make sure that the home in which they are placed is safe and free of danger. However, that does not always happen and there have been occasions where children are placed in homes where the child’s welfare is not met. In some cases, children have been placed with foster parents who suffer from severe mental illness, who have relatives that are registered sex offenders who visit the home  or simply do not have safe living conditions.

While social workers are required to visit these homes and interview foster parents, this does not always take place. Social workers’ workloads and visiting requirements may sometimes exceed their ability to keep up simply because of budgetary cutbacks and poor staffing. When this occurs, it is tempting for a social worker to take shortcuts and not visit the home, though documenting that they in fact did. Over the course of our experience we have seen all types of foster care abuse cases and all the unnecessary reasons for why they occur. Some signs of foster abuse can be, emotional retraction from the abused child, unexplained bruises, and unexplained anger.

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If you suspect that a child is suffering from abuse while in foster care, you should immediately call our law office to speak with a Pasadena foster care abuse attorney. It is not always easy to identify all of the signs and indications of abuse and you will find that attorneys representing the county are not always willing to talk to you about these matters making it all the more frustrating while you attempt to protect these children. You must remember that county attorneys work for the county and are not particularly interested in helping you investigate this matter.

It’s times like these when experience matters. It is very important that you hire an experienced Pasadena foster care abuse attorney so that your attorney can properly assess the extent of any abuse and determine the best way to protect the child provide the maximum compensation the child is entitled to for suffering.  Our foster care abuse attorneys will not only investigate the incident, review  police reports, evidence and medical documentation, they may also hire experts and specialists to help determine who is liable in your in foster care abuse case. These experts can also testify on your behalf.

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